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The Nine Defining Traits of Top Performers

What are Top Performers & Why Are They So Important?

Top performers are the employees who go above and beyond to make sure that the job is done well, timely, and are accountable for their work and results. They also typically do their jobs with a positive attitude and mindset, are likely to assist others who need help, and are generally good communicators. The top performers in a company are the ones who often receive recognition in the form of bonuses, promotions, and more opportunities. It is important to personally strive to be a top performer if you intend to rise up the ladder in your own industry.

There are a few key traits that set the top performers ahead in the game compared to their coworkers. Fill out this worksheet to see how you rank with the top nine qualities that make top performers excel.

Score Key:  

Calculate the average for your answers and see what your ranking means:

Averaging 1-3 means that maybe there are some qualities that you could improve upon. Take another look at the qualities you scored low in and consider what you could do to improve those scores.

Averaging 4-6 means that you’re not quite there yet, but keep up your dedication because you have the stuff of champions in the making!

Averaging 7-9 means that you are a professional rockstar! Keep striving, applying, and growing and there is no height you won’t be able to reach.


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