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The key to learning that results in meaningful behavior change is creating an interactive session that uses learning techniques that actively engage participants.  To this end our sessions use storytelling, humor and movement to enhance the dissemination and assimilation of core learnings.  This is in addition to leveraging the following tools and methods to engage learning:

Group Discussion and Brainstorming – Facilitated discussion to provoke thought, encourage participant contribution, share resources and stimulate learning in a safe environment

Method Demonstration – Instructor demonstrates skill sets for participants to aid in understanding, to stimulate student interest and to provide a model to follow

Practice – Students put to action in real-time new skill sets

Cooperative Learning – Working in cooperative groups, gaining from each participant’s efforts creating an atmosphere of achievement

Role Play – Requires active involvement of participants and provides a safe environment to test new skills

Individual and Small Group Activities – Learning through self-assessment and reflection and through peer collaboration to come to great understanding through participants’ efforts

Visuals – Reinforces key learning points, improving audience participation

Case Studies – Review actual cases that demonstrate the challenges leaders face and the choices that are made.

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