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Public Speaking

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When people say they’d rather die than address an audience, they’re not kidding. Fear of public speaking has topped death in many surveys. This public speaking training course will teach you to overcome the crippling inhibition toward public speaking as well as the essential skills that make for a great presentation. You will learn how to prepare your thoughts, organize the contents of your speech or presentation, and deliver with conviction and persuasion. Public speaking training is a vital tool that will benefit anyone seeking to improve their communication skills. Through practice and the support of experienced trainers, public speaking training could make be the thing to break your stage-fright for good.

Speaking in front of a group can actually be a very thrilling and energizing experience when you know how to own the stage. Independent research can help to a degree, but you take the risk of never actually reaching your full potential when trying to master these skills on your own. Public speaking training could turn the nervousness you once felt on-stage into a new sense of excitement as you embrace the concepts that will empower you to excel in front of others.

Optimal Program Length: 8 hours

Essential Communication & Presentation Training

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Topical Agenda:

  • The five big fears & how to overcome them
  • The primary components of public communication
  • Composing yourself before you speak
  • Composing yourself while you speak
  • Common mistakes in public speaking
  • Controlling the impression you make
  • How to professionally organize your speech or presentation
  • What to include in your speech
  • How to use your voice to communicate
  • How to use your body language to communicate
  • Our public speaking training even includes room setup and visual aids
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Real & Tangible Benefits:

As a result of this public speaking training, you will learn how to...

  • Simply overcome stage fright
  • Identify your audience's interests and tailor your speech or presentation to their needs
  • Organize your presentation or speech to acheive maximum understanding and retention by your audience
  • Make your presentation informative, fun, and fully of variety and energy
  • Talk 'TO' your audience, not 'AT' them
  • Pace your speech (not too fast, not too slow)
  • Research your topic and develop an outline

Who Is This Training For?

  • anyone with a fear of public speaking
  • first time public speakers
  • veteran presenters who want to hone their skills
  • corporate communicators
  • sales presenters

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Our Proven Approach To Training

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Defined Outcomes
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“I recommend Encore and their outstanding training curriculum content. Their resources are thoroughly-researched, highly impactful, and will save you considerable time and expense.”


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