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What Every Business Professional Needs in Their Communication Tool Kit

The ability to communicate and inspire people is an important part of leadership and, through the power of storytelling, can be accomplished with great ease. With an ever increasing pace of life and all of the enhanced technology available today (telephone, voice mail, email, and video conferencing just to name a few) a small number of leaders have mastered the tried and true, ancient art of storytelling that can provide a method of communication that is highly influential and effective.

Leadership, by definition, is to get people to act in the best interest of the organization and themselves. Storytelling provides a method of communication which moves people, both emotionally and rationally, to action. Studies have shown that good stories increase message comprehension by inspiring people to more clearly see the vision and bring into focus what needs to be accomplished. The purpose of storytelling is demonstrated and the elements of what makes a good story are practiced during this storytelling training. You will become aware of the mistakes business storytellers make and how to avoid them. Using a five step process, participants of this storytelling training will move beyond simply telling a story to instead developing stories that command attention and keep people both listening and fully engaged. Participants will also understand and be able to exhibit the six elements that make a story a powerful communication tool.

Storytelling Training will Teach Your Team How to:

  • Hone your leadership communication skills
  • Become an effective storyteller
  • Storytelling training will help you bring your story to life
  • Paint pictures that inspire others
  • Use story to communicate the core values of the business
  • Develop a story for effect
  • Avoid common mistakes of business storytellers
  • Apply the five step process to allow the listener to see your story
  • Incorporate the six key elements of great storytelling into every story you tell

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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