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Leading and Inspiring a Remote Workforce

managing a remote workforce

Course Overview:

When we start to look at the supervision of employees who are not co-located with us, we may think of many challenges. Each associate, team member, responds with his or her individual perspective. You, as his or her supervisor, need to meet the unique needs of each team member. Each team member of a remote workforce has both professional and personal goals. Your role is awareness aided by emotional intelligence and then motivation related to your team members’ individual goals as well as how each team member contributes their expertise.

What we do know is that effective communication skills, strategies, practices, and planning assist you in reducing waste, improve understanding and develop profitable relationships.
Supervising employees who work in different locations – a remote TEAM—involves supervising people we see less often while monitoring productivity and results.

Key tasks of a supervisor in a remote environment are to:

  • Establish and maintain a climate of trust and motivation for teamwork.
  • Facilitate communication and workflow.
  • Provide feedback and control for corporate results.
  • Ensure availability of necessary resources, tools, and support.

What have you discovered about your beliefs about the employees of your remote workforce? Your management beliefs about remote workplace situations have significant influence on you and your employees' success. The tips and tools in the rest of this Workshop will assist you in realizing many of the opportunities of remote management to build an effective team with your remote team members.

Learn how to:

  • Develop plans and practices to address those concerns.
  • Understand my leadership style of behavior – inclusion, control, or openness.
  • Understand team dynamics related to a remote workforce.
  • Apply the communication techniques to promote an effective remote workforce.
  • Motivate a powerful team contributing their skills and contributions
    from remote work locations.

Target Audience: Supervisors who supervise others in either an informal or formal team environment in remote locations.

Optimal Program Length: 1 Day

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