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Time Management Training

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This time management training workshop will ignite your team toward greater productivity and performance. This on-site workshop is packed with principles and skills that will empower your team to focus on vital priorities, take control of their time, eliminate unexpected distractions, and produce more in less time. 

All of our training is objectives-based and highly-interactive.  We integrate group activities, discussion forums and role-play exercises for permanent, long-term retention. 

Optimal Program Length: 8 hours

Life-Management for the Business Professional

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Topical Agenda:

  • Understanding the Power of Time Management
  • Avoiding a Crisis Oriented Mindset
  • The Most Common Time Wasters
  • Time Management Training Can Increase Productivity and Self-Esteem
  • Value Statements
  • Approaching Time as an Investment
  • Prerequisites for Managing Your Time Effectively
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • The Pyramid to Productivity
  • Attributes of Effective Goal Setting
  • Planning: The Key to Controlling Your Day
  • What the “Ideal Day” Should Look Like
  • Getting and Staying Organized
  • Using Your Day Planner for Maximum Productivity
  • R.O.I Prioritizing; How to Know What’s Really Important
  • Beware the Man Who Says, “Got a Minute”?
  • Overcoming Procrastination with Time Management Training
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Real & Tangible Benefits:

  • Produce more in less time
  • Effectively manage their time
  • Focus on vital priorities
  • Take control of their time with time management training
  • Value time and the critical role it plays on their results and personal life.
  • Approach time as an investment
  • Overcome the most common time wasters 
  • Set and achieving challenging goals
  • Overcoming call reluctance, procrastination and apathy
  • Minimizing interruptions, distractions and diversions
  • Overcoming a crisis-oriented mindset
  • Plan for the “Ideal Day”
  • Get and staying organized

Who Is This Training For?

Our time management training is for anyone in your organization who can benefit from having more time in their day, less stress, and better results:

  • management team
  • administration & accounting staff
  • technical personnel
  • sales representatives
  • and more
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Value Time If You Value Life

  • You can’t buy it. Time is distributed equally to all.
  • You can’t stop it. Time marches on, you can’t hold time up to take a bit longer.
  • You can’t save it. Time can’t be saved to be used up at another time when you might feel you need it more.

The value of time management in the workplace can be measured in the billions of dollars every year. The value time management has in your life is priceless. If this is an area where you can improve, you can't afford to wait. Give us a call today!

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Our Proven Approach To Training

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Clear Objectives
defined outcomes
Defined Outcomes
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Measurable Improvements
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“I recommend Encore and their outstanding training curriculum content. Their resources are thoroughly-researched, highly impactful, and will save you considerable time and expense.”


Powerful Training with Measurable Results...

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Revenue grew 285% from $38.6M to $104.8M the three years following Encore’s training session with Blue Grace sales and sales management team.

Reduced sales cycle by 57 days and increased new deal size by 38%

Increased new appointments by 187% implementing new methodology for overcoming common objections

43% of their sales reps wrote $7,500+ in new business as a result of Encore’s customized, interactive sales training

Grew pipeline activity from $22 million to $48 million in 12 months

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