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Emotional Intelligence Training

Course Overview:

Management studies have uncovered that individuals with high IQs flounder in leadership roles while those with modest IQs do relatively well.  This demonstrates that just being smart is not the key ingredient to successful leadership.  Success in leadership is based more on how one manages oneself and others.

Explore the secret of emotional intelligence and how to use it most effectively to be an outstanding leader.  Learn how to incorporate it into situations you face in the workplace and build a more positive work environment.  True leaders do not always have the “assigned authority” to get done what needs to be done.  Yet they still get the mission accomplished.

Personality counts; learn how to use your personality to be a more effective leader by exploring your primary personality strengths as well as areas that can work against you.  The ability to manage one’s feelings and express them in an appropriate and diplomatic way encourages people to work together towards a common goal, thereby increasing individual performance and organizational productivity.  Become aware how to use your emotions in the workplace and where they come into play.

Consider the current thinking on different forms of emotional intelligence.  Be able to identify and use two key elements in emotional intelligence.  Explore how to grow your influence by understanding and choosing the critical factors that will make you more effective, avoiding non-critical distractions.

Delivery, Tools and Methods: Instructor-led, experiential training, using workbooks, interactive activities, group discussion, role play, breakout groups and method demonstration.

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Program Objectives:

Participants will:

  • What is emotional intelligence & what is it important?
  • Understanding of yourself
  • Understanding of others
  • Identify how to effectively use emotional intelligence
  • Learn fundamental principles of emotional intelligence
  • Consider how important understanding different personality type is
  • Identify the current uses of forms of emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Examine the importance of the key attributes of emotional intelligence
  • Incorporate the essentials of emotional intelligence into your daily activities
  • Explore where emotions come into play
  • Understand how to control your emotions to be more effective

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