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Cold Calling

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Why is “cold calling” such a dirty word?  Whether it’s your fear of rejection or sense of inadequacy, cold calling can be the easiest, most enjoyable thing you do – IF you have the right TOOLS and the right SKILLS!

Introducing, Taking the Freeze Out of Cold Calling, the in-house cold calling training presentation that will give you and your team the “must have” skills and confidence to develop new business like a pro. See for yourself how cold calling training can make a difference for your sales team's ability to turn those calls into conversions.

Optimal Program Length: 6 hours

Taking the Freeze out of Cold Calling

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Topical Agenda:

  • Preparation: The Hidden Factor
  • Essential Skills for Cold Calling (TeleSales)
  • Developing a Conversation Style
  • Grab Attention and Create Strong Interest
  • How to Stay on Message & Ask Questions
  • Effective Interviewing Techniques
  • Overcoming Objections
  • How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • Handling Rudeness & Condescension
  • The Defining Traits of Effective Tele-Prospectors
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Real & Tangible Benefits:

  • Get appointments with key decision-makers
  • Identify high-probability prospects with cold calling training
  • Develop a conversational style with cold calling training
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Grab attention and create strong interest
  • Get to the point and stay on message
  • Employ the “silent treatment” with your prospects
  • Avoid selling your offer on the phone
  • Sell a 15-minute introductory appointment
  • Overcome the most common objections
  • Implement a “warm call” approach
  • Handle rude and condescending prospects
  • Use your voice as a musical instrument

Who Is This Training For?

  • Sales teams seeking better results from their existing cold-calling efforts
  • Sales teams wanting to implement a cold-calling strategy for the first time
  • Individual sales agents looking to master the timeless art of cold-calling

Cold calling training is beneficial for those mentioned and more. Our trainers' level of experience will inspire your sales team to discover the art of cold calling mastery for themselves.

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Our Proven Approach To Training

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