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On-site Management Training

We train your managers to manage

... do your managers know how to make the most out or their team?
... are they learning to manage as they go?
... are your managers  overwhelmed, distracted, or unmotivated?

Encore management trainers will teach your managers to be  more effective  and your team to be  more productive.
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Our management workshops:

This management training workshop will provide practical, relevant answers to today’s most pressing managerial challenges.
  • designed for all managers and supervisors
  • create more productive and fulfilled managers
  • see less turnover and greater commitment
  • teach your managers to delegate more effectively
  • improve energy, focus, and motivation in your team
  • convey timeless management principles
  • Instill an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • ideal workshop length: 10 hours
Management training for the first time manager
  • designed for new managers
  • gain essential management skills
  • become a master of time management
  • learn to delegate effectively
  • discover how to build a team
  • learn to lead
  • optimal program length: 10 hours
This management training workshop will give your team the necessary tools to manage their time ore effectively, reduce fatigue and stress, possess more energy, and improve personal productivity.

Give your team the tools to...
  • reduce fatigue & stress
  • improve personal productivity & fulfillment
  • identify and avoid time wasting activities
  • manage interruptions, distractions, and diversions
  • overcome a crisis-oriented mind-set
  • plan for an ideal day
  • prioritize activities based on ROI
  • ideal workshop length: 10 hours
Leading and Managing a Remote Workforce
  • establish a climate of trust and motivation
  • facilitate communication and workflow
  • understand the dynamics of a remote workforce
  • ensure availability of resources, tools, and support
  • learn to reduce waste
  • learn to better monitor productivity and results
  • ideal workshop length: 1 day

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Training Format:

Following an in-depth needs assessment, our workshops are customized to address your specific management environment and challenges. 

We offer both on-site and webinar training workshops in half-day (4 hour) and full-day (8-hour) increments with the length of the training depending on the scope of the training.

The management training is presented in an interactive format including live speaking, visual aids and engaging group activities and role playing exercises. 

We also offer follow-up webinar training to designed to track how new management techniques are being employed, measure understanding and retention, reinforce key concepts, and quantify the results.

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“I recommend Encore and their outstanding training curriculum content. Their resources are thoroughly-researched, highly impactful, and will save you considerable time and expense.”


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