Management Training

  • For all managers & leaders
  • Fully customized to your business
  • Personalized, on-site training
  • Fully customized to your business
  • Experiential learning – We show, not just tell

We Transform Managers

We understand that you are embarking upon a major initiative where your main focus is on improving Leadership and Executive management skills. We are also aware of the importance of this initiative and want to be with you every step of the way. We’ll communicate with clarity on how to become a more motivated and effective manager.

You’ll be able to improve reliability and the quality of communication with subordinates enhancing theirs, and your own problem solving skills and ability to make decisions under pressure. We’ll help you focus more on the big picture and less on micro-managing; you’ll build confidence in your team that will strengthen individual performance putting leadership skills to daily use.

You and your team can learn how to work with difficult people with emotional intelligence, giving you the advantage of understanding certain types of people with exceptional skills. Encore will help by providing you with the specific tools for managing productivity and plan for maximum results.

We’ll show you how to keep your team focused and productive, applying teamwork strategies for peak performance. With us you can learn how to manage effectively in a positive environment helping retain champion employees and reduce turnover. We’ve got a top down initiative with role model behavior and we’re confident that our courses can bring a harmony in your organization. With our thought provoking process your team can work towards a shared vision of success where productivity thrives. First time managers, manager teams, senior and seasoned managers.

First Time Manager

  • Designed for new managers
  • Gain essential management skills
  • Become a master of time management
  • Learn to delegate effectively
  • Discover how to build a team
  • Learn to lead

Total Manager

  • Designed for all managers and supervisors
  • Create more productive and fulfilled managers
  • See less turnover and greater commitment
  • Teach your managers to delegate more effectively
  • Improve energy, focus, and motivation in your team
  • Convey timeless management principles

The Fully Engaged Workforce

Give your team the tools to…

  • Reduce fatigue & stress
  • Improve personal productivity & fulfillment
  • Identify and avoid time wasting activities
  • Manage interruptions, distractions, and diversions
  • Overcome a crisis-oriented mind-set
  • Plan for an ideal day
  • Prioritize activities based on ROI

Laws of Leadership

  • Develop positive influence on the entire organization
  • Leadership training that charts a clear course for your organization
  • Possess a macro-perspective on organizational objectives
  • Deal with and coach under-performing employees
  • Empower and equip others for maximum results
  • Develop others leaders in your organization
  • Lead successful, effective teams

Performance-Based Management Training

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