Time Management Training

  • Focus on Priority Management
  • Customizable to all types of businesses & organizations
  • Personalized, on-site training
  • Experiential & hands-on learning – We show, not just tell
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Time Management for the Business Professional

This on-site time management training program will ignite your team toward greater productivity and performance. Our time management training is packed with principles and skills that will empower your team to focus on vital priorities, take control of their time, eliminate unexpected distractions, and produce more in less time.

All of our training is goal-oriented and highly-interactive. We integrate group activities, discussion forums and role-play exercises for permanent, long-term retention.

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What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the Power of Time Management
  • Avoiding a Crisis Oriented Mindset
  • Priority Management - managing Tasks & Activities
  • Power of Habits - creating positive behavior and disciplines
  • Learn to efficiently handle multiple tasks and projects
  • Time Management Skills Development for Building Effective Teams
  • Time management training for management
  • Approaching Time as an Investment
  • Understand the dynamics between Urgent, Critical, and Important
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Time management training for employees
  • The Pyramid to Productivity
  • Attributes of Effective Goal Setting
  • Planning: The Key to Controlling Your Day
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Tangible Benefits

  • Produce more in less time
  • Staff & management will be able to effectively manage their time
  • Focus on vital priorities
  • Take control of their time with time management training
  • Value time and the critical role it plays on their results and personal life.
  • Approach time as an investment
  • Overcome the most common time wasters
  • Set and achieving challenging goals
  • Overcoming call reluctance, procrastination and apathy
  • Minimizing interruptions, distractions and diversions
  • Overcoming a crisis-oriented mindset
  • Plan for the “Ideal Day”
  • Get and staying organized
"I wanted to send you an email just expressing my appreciation to you and what you do. I know you may think that the people here may not absorb the information, but please know I always enjoy your trainings and they have greatly impacted my life. I have had soft skills trainings in the past at my previous job, but none could amount to yours. Your presentation is on point, and I could definitely relate to a lot of the situations you went through. I know I always will have something to work on in my life, but your teachings gave me a better sense of what I can do better to change it. God bless and looking forward to the next training." - J Cook

"The presenter was excellent, knowledgeable, and engaging!" - LS

"Loved the examples! Very positive. You can apply this in everyday life." - Sonia

"Great concepts and examples that have encouraged me to work on my management of time. I also appreciate things that are 'life' useful, not just focused on production." - Chris

"I liked the class participation. I think it helps us understand better & gives us the tools to apply this to our time management strategy." - Jane


Sample Training Curriculum

The following is a sample Time Management training curriculum to give you an idea of the big picture. Your Time Management training curriculum would be modified and fine-tuned (where deemed necessary) based on our analysis and discovery during the planning stage. The core concept will remain the same, but the final product would reflect your organization's situation and address specific needs.

  • Review Objectives of this training
  • Meet and greet – Warm up exercise
  • How we learn
  • How to create personal value
  • How to have fun on the job

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Our Value Proposition

  • Fully customized

    We are a boutique training company and all our training is customized to your specific needs.

  • Partners in Growth

    We aim to be a collaborative & trusted partner in your training initiative, not just a vendor.

  • Focused on behavior change

    Our focus is on providing a behavior changing transformation in your organization.

  • High Retention Rates

    There is a difference between a seminar (canned program without much interaction) and a hands-on customized class. The biggest difference is retention (how much of the training will stick in the long run).

  • Experiential Learning

    Our method is experiential & hands-on: We SHOW, not just TELL.


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