One-on-One Management Coaching

Suggested Training Strategy

  • Pre-Assessment
    1. Trainee
    2. Immediate report (Management)
    3. Subordinates

  • Making a game plan

  • Getting the commitment
    1. Ground rules and logistics
    2. Mody’s 15 commandments
    3. Changing behaviors and habits

  • Self-Assessment and Introspection
    1. SWOT Analysis
    2. Personality profile
    3. Emotional Intelligence
    4. Creating value - Finding your passion and purpose

  • 360 Assessment
    1. What others think about me?
    2. Discovering the Shadow and our complexes
    3. Journaling Emotional triggers (if needed)

  • Laying the Foundation – One full day onsite one-on-one experiential Coaching
    1. Understanding Individual Behaviors and Emotions
    2. Importance and practice of Emotional Intelligence
    3. Having a positive approach – Mody’s 5 A’s
    4. Unconscious Bias and dealing with our complexes
    5. Communication skills
    6. Role-model behavior
    7. Building relationships and creating influence
    8. Being a Team player
    9. Managing a team

  • Follow-up virtual coaching
    1. Six semi-monthly one-hour webinars

  • Post Assessments, Recap and Review
    1. Long term Mentorship
  • For Managers at Every Level
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Practical Strategies
  • Personalized, Experiential Training
  • Hands-on & Interactive Coaching
Download Sample Training Curriculum

A Comprehensive, Multi-level Approach

Level 1:
Individual Self-Management

A Foundation for all Managers

Level 2:
Team Management Dynamics

For First-time & Junior Managers

Level 3:
Organizational Management

For Department Heads & Senior Managers

Level 4:

C-Level Managers & Decision Makers

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