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Do you want to know more about Encore Consulting Group? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions to find out more about us, our process, and our services. 

If you don't see your questions answered feel free to call us directly and we will be happy to help you further. 

Q: How much does corporate training cost?

A: The cost of corporate training is going to vary on a case by case basis and is determined by the length of the training, how many attendees there will be, and the content selected. We will cover up to $500 of the travel expenses.

We believe that corporate training should be affordable and are willing to work with businesses big and small. The best way to know how much training will cost your business is to give us a call today for a free consultation.

Q: How long is corporate training?

A: A full day of training is considered 8 hours, though we will also do half days at 4 hours. 1-3 full days of training typically fulfills a business’s needs. We have no restrictions to limit how long training can last. If you need a week long intensive workshop we will be happy to accommodate your needs. We also offer quarterly training for the cases where it may be beneficial to offer training on a regular basis.

Q: What kind of training materials are used?

A: We strive to create the most interactive training experience possible. Our services include group activities, handouts, games, and more. At Encore Consulting Group we understand that not one size fits all so we will never use a cookie cutter approach. Every training session will be customized top to bottom with what you feel your staff will best respond to and learn from.

Q: How are the logistics set up for training?

A: We will perform an over-the-phone pre-training assessment to assist your trainer with customization of the training. Once your needs have been outlined we will schedule your services. At the time of the training we will come to you, whether you would prefer the training to be at your office or other venues that best serve your needs.

Q: What is the format of the training?

A: Our training is presented in an interactive format including live speaking, visual aids, and engaging group activities and role playing exercises. 

We also offer follow-up webinar training designed to track how new techniques and ideas are being employed by you and your staff, measure understanding and retention, reinforce key concepts, and quantify the results. 

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