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Strong teams are established when members are aligned with the values and mission of the organization, not just from enforcing policies, procedures, or by measuring key performance indicators. Encore Consulting Group is not just a Vendor but a Partner in your progress and transformation. Our sessions use storytelling, deep learning, humor, and movement to enhance the dissemination and assimilation of core learning topics. Tangible, measurable results are the goal of our consulting and training initiatives.


Our customer’s transformation is at the forefront of our mission. We are here to help organizations establish culture enhancing changes that forge new patterns, behaviors, and outcomes.

  • Our fully customized learning experience is aimed at the heart of your specific needs and challenges.
  • Our active approach to training increases understanding & retention for maximum results.
  • Facilitate decision-making by provoking thought in leadership and employees.
  • We create relationships with our clients that work for long term development.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and act on our values and vision.


We have a clear set of values that serve as our philosophy that translates into everything we do. We will help you facilitate the changes you need in your organization by using our values to focus on yours.

  • Respect the Individual
  • Do Right by the Customer
  • Live with Integrity
  • Provoke Thought
  • Encourage Positive Disagreement
  • Show, Don't Just Tell


We strive to inspire organizations to reach for new heights in their potential. We “Get 100%, out of 100% of the Employees, 100% of the time” - James O. Rogers. We hope to inspire workplaces that:

  • Genuinely care and offer support and growth for their employees.
  • Create environments where productivity thrives.
  • Encourage senior teams to work toward shared visions in order to achieve shared results.
  • Train individuals to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  • A foundation of excellence in Management and Leadership skills.

We Transform People, Build Teams, & Transition Organizations to Greater Success

At Encore Consulting Group we help people work through the transitions it takes to facilitate a full organization-wide transformation. When you empower your company from top to bottom you will experience the kind of shift in your company that is based on strong teams, motivated individuals, and clear goals.

  • Clear Objectives

    We help you set clear objectives that are realistic for your teams and organization to succeed at. Once we have an idea of where you want to head we help you design a strategy built on the whole picture.

  • Defined Outcomes

    With the clear objectives, strategy, and defined outcomes you will reach the results you need in a measurable way. You will be able to see and track your improvements in the short term and far into the long term.

  • Measureable Results

    Encore Consulting Group will also help you define the outcomes you want to see from your efforts. We will take the end results that you are looking for and create and plan with those goals in mind.

  • Long Term Retention

    Our training facilitates long term retention as we focus on engaging the brain with different kinds of learning. We incorporate visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning techniques in all of our training.

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Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

Business Professionals Equipped

We Specialize in Experiential Learning

Active rather than Passive learning:

Our training combines hands-on, interactive elements including group discussion, engaging group activities, visual aids, live speaking, and role-playing exercises. This active approach to training has been proven to increase understanding & retention for maximum results.

A Boutique Training Company

We deliver a fully customized learning experience which aims at the heart of your specific needs and challenges rather than taking a one-size-fits-all, out of the box approach.

The key to learning that results in meaningful behavior change is creating an interactive session that uses learning techniques that actively engage participants. To this end our sessions use storytelling, humor and movement to enhance the dissemination and assimilation of core learnings. This is in addition to leveraging the following tools and methods to engage learning:

edgar dale cone of learning
  1. Group Discussion and Brainstorming – Facilitated discussion to provoke thought, encourage participant contribution, share resources and stimulate learning in a safe environment
  2. Method Demonstration – Instructor demonstrates skill sets for participants to aid in understanding, to stimulate student interest and to provide a model to follow
  3. Practice – Students put to action in real-time new skill sets
  4. Cooperative Learning – Working in cooperative groups, gaining from each participant’s efforts creating an atmosphere of achievement
  5. Role Play – Requires active involvement of participants and provides a safe environment to test new skills
  6. Individual and Small Group Activities – Learning through self-assessment and reflection and through peer collaboration to come to great understanding through participants’ efforts
  7. Visuals – Reinforces key learning points, improving audience participation
  8. Case Studies – Review actual cases that demonstrate the challenges leaders face and the choices that are made.

Encore's Philosophy

RESPECT the individual
We recognize that every group includes a wide range of individuals with differing needs and abilities. We work to create and maintain an atmosphere of openness and trust, and we value each individual’s contributions.

DO RIGHT by the customer
As a leadership training company we always do the right thing. We strive to make every interaction with ENCORE a positive, friendly, and warm one. We care about our clients and want them to succeed, so we are always prepared to go above and beyond for them. We work to add exceptional value to every program or presentation.

LIVE with integrity
Integrity isn’t a 9 to 5 job for us. We put our core actions into practice every hour of every day. Living with integrity also means that we operate with consistency: What you see is what you get. What we say is what we do. We encourage participant to contact us if they have any questions or clarification on what was conveyed in class.

PROVOKE thought
We train for lasting change and results. We can’t get that if we don’t make our process an active one. We don’t bring about change if we do the thinking for our clients; so rather than provide answers, we offer tools that help people figure things out for themselves.

ENCOURAGE positive disagreement
Organizations that stuff offices full of people unwilling to give honest opinions can’t grow and maintain their vitality. We train our clients to welcome conflict and teach them to use it as a constructive force. Open dialogue, different ideas, and fresh perspectives are welcome and desired in all of our workshops and engagements.

SHOW, don’t tell
We recognize the many different ways individuals learn, and listening is only a small part of the process. All of our programs include active, hands-on learning to help participants boost their performance.

Our Commitment

We understand that you are embarking upon a major initiative where your main focus is improving your people & your organization. We are also aware of the importance of this initiative.

Our initial proposal is based on our current understanding of your needs, company, and culture. We have yet to determine the specifics. At this point we don’t know what we don’t know.

We will customize it further to reflect the findings of our needs assessment, analysis, talks and discovery.

We are ready to impress upon you that we have the drive and determination to fulfill your objectives for this project and are willing to come to you and make a presentation.

Our Approach

Strong teams are not created overnight. They aren’t formed by policy, procedure, or measuring key performance indicators (KPIs).

High-performing cultures have alignment in values and mission. They build an environment where employees can bring their best to work in order to yield a high performing organization.

Our intention is to have a behavior changing transformation in your organization. We’ve seen organizations transcend their cultures and ignite success time and time again. Our goal is to provide an experience that builds confidence and gives the tools to begin one of the most important journeys in your organization’s history.

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