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Sales Training

Training format:

We offer both on-site and webinar sales training workshops in half-day (4 hour) and full-day (8-hour) increments with the length of the training depending on the scope of the training.

The training is presented in an interactive format including live speaking, visual aids and engaging group activities and role playing exercises. 

We also offer follow-up webinar training to designed to track how new selling techniques are being employed, measure understanding and retention, reinforce key concepts, and quantify the results (e.g. effects on close-rate, lead acquisition, number of appointments set). 

Our custom-designed sales training solutions will immediately improve your sales performance and productivity. We offer both advanced and basic sales training programs to meet your requirements. Have questions? We are here to help!

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Our workshops:

customized sales training block

Customized Sales Training

Encore's custom-designed sales training will give your salespeople practical and essential selling skills to drive more sales and grow your client-base. This training workshop is tailored for sales people with less than three years of sales experience. Our interactive training approach will engage your team with dynamic speaking, live role-playing, visual aids, group activities, Q&As, and more.
Learn More

Consultative Selling

Advanced Sales Training

Our consultative selling workshop will teach your sales team how to build client relationships for life. Designed for sales people with more than five years of experience, this workshop dives deeper into concepts of value-based selling and the consultative approach. Learn More

Cold Calling Training

Cold Calling Workshop

Take the "freeze" out of cold-calling. Our in-house cold calling workshop will give your inside sales team must-have skills and confidence to develop new business over the phone. Is cold-calling part of your arsenal? It should be, as it has retained its value through the years as a proven method of reaching decision makers. Let us help you add cold-calling to your repertoire. Learn More

Sales Negotiation

Negotiating the Sale

This customized, interactive sales negotiation training will equip your sales team with the tools they will need to close more business and eliminate discounting altogether. Our workshop is tailored to the experience of your sales staff. After the training your team will know how to systematically approach the close and negotiate more business on your terms. Learn More

sales prospecting

Sales Prospecting

This on-site workshop will teach your sales team how to identify and locate your ideal clients.

Powerful Sales Training with Measurable Results...

blue grace logistics

Revenue grew 285% from $38.6M to $104.8M the three years following Encore’s training session with Blue Grace sales and sales management team.

Reduced sales cycle by 57 days and increased new deal size by 38%

Increased new appointments by 187% implementing new methodology for overcoming common objections

43% of their sales reps wrote $7,500+ in new business as a result of Encore’s customized, interactive sales training

Grew pipeline activity from $22 million to $48 million in 12 months

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