Millicent St. Claire

As one who grew up in an environment filled with adversity and negative programs, I’m committed to helping high achievers and inspired learners to emancipate themselves from poor models of behavior and communication and learn to be their best selves.

My passion and focus is getting free from negativity and drama and develop personal leadership skills starting with emotional management and communication tools for success. This starts by increasing self-awareness and learning how to take total responsibility for every thought, word and deed.

I’m most experienced in transforming hearts and minds through a variety of innovative science based programs and accelerated learning methods to create a new vision of self.

In addition my college experience at Mercer University, I was highly attracted to non-traditional educational programs and I pursed advanced certifications and licensing in the following areas:

  • Accelerated Learning Instructor
  • Master NLP-Neurolinguistic Programing Trainer & Hypnotist
  • HeartMath Resilient Educator & One-on-One Coach
  • Master Certifying PhotoReading Instructor and Seminar Leader
  • Developer of The LIGMO Resiliency Coaching Program
  • Laughter Yoga Leader & Trainer

Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, local government agencies and universities bring me back repeatedly as my message is inspirational, timely and relevant.

millicent st. claire

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millicent st. claire
millicent st. claire
millicent st. claire