• Develop positive influence on the entire organization
  • Empower and equip others for maximum results
  • Personalized, on-site training
  • Experiential & hands-on learning – We show, not just tell

Principle-Focused Leadership Training

This leadership training workshop will equip your leaders with the tools they need to increase their influence and take others to the next level. The laws of leadership determine individual and organizational performance. These laws carry consequences with them. Apply the laws of leadership and people will follow you and your vision. Violate or ignore the laws and you will have a rough road ahead. Here's the good news: Every law can be learned and applied.

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    What You'll Learn

    • The Indispensable Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders
    • The Power of Leadership
    • The Leader’s Role in Empowering Others
    • Leadership Essentials & Practices
    • Seven Strategies for Becoming an Effective Leader
    • Using Your Leadership Style in Group Settings
    • The Leader vs. The Manager
    • Leading a Successful Team
    • Making Difficult Decisions
    • How to Motivate an Overworked Team
    • Dealing with Under-Performing Employees
    • The Indispensable Qualities of Highly Effective Leaders
    • Connecting and Mentoring
    • The Ultimate Test of Leadership: Creating Positive Change
    • Profile of a Leader in Trouble

    Real & Tangible Benefits

    • Leadership training that charts a clear course for your organization
    • Possess a macro-perspective on organizational objectives
    • Deal with and coach under-performing employees
    • Become an effective leader
    • Identify leadership styles
    • Create and communicate the vision for your organization
    • Become the catalyst for change
    • Develop others leaders in your organization
    • Lead successful, effective teams
    • Attract the best and the brightest to your organization
    • Connect with and build an unbreakable trust with your management team

    Who Is This Training For?

    • Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • C Level Managers
    • Dept. Heads
    • Executives
    • Managers
    • Team-Leaders
    • Decision Makers
    • and anyone else who has influence within your organization

    Consequences of Poor Leadership

    Your business will suffer greatly without applying strong leadership skills. Every area of your business is affected by its leadership. When your leaders do not succeed in properly motivating, communicating, or delegating, your employees you will find that these areas, and more, will be severely affected in both the short term and long term arenas:

    • Low Morale
    • Sales and Revenue
    • Customer Retention
    • Accountability
    • Employee Investments
    • High Turnover
    • Limited creativity, innovation, involvement

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    Our Value Proposition

    • Fully customized

      We are a boutique training company and all our training is customized to your specific needs.

    • Partners in Growth

      We aim to be a collaborative & trusted partner in your training initiative, not just a vendor.

    • Focused on behavior change

      Our focus is on providing a behavior changing transformation in your organization.

    • High Retention Rates

      There is a difference between a seminar (canned program without much interaction) and a hands-on customized class. The biggest difference is retention (how much of the training will stick in the long run).

    • Experiential Learning

      Our method is experiential & hands-on: We SHOW, not just TELL.



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