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  • Customizable to all types of businesses & organizations
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  • Experiential & hands-on learning – We show, not just tell

A Peak Performance Management Series

Successful companies don't just have great employees, they have great managers and supervisors too. The singular focus of our 1 to 2-day management training workshop is to equip your leaders with the essential skills they will need in order to take your business to the next level. This First Time Manager Training program could be the missing piece to the puzzle of your success.

This series is designed for managers and team-leaders. Presented in a fast-paced, interactive format, this high-impact training workshop will provide practical, relevant answers to today’s most pressing managerial challenges.

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    Optimal Program Length: 1 to 2 days

    Possible Training Topics

    This training session covers critical areas such as:

    • COACHING- Bringing out the best in people.
    • TEAM BUILDING- Building a winning team.
    • LEADERSHIP- Be a Leader rather than a follower.
    • TIME MANAGEMENT- Life management skills.
    • COMMUNICATING- Communication essentials.
    • MOTIVATING- Molding peak performers.
    • PERSONALITY PUZZLE- Team dynamics.
    • STRATEGIC THINKING- Seeing the big picture.
    • NEGOTIATING- Getting more bang for Your buck.
    • PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Manage multiple projects.
    • DELEGATION- Passing the baton.
    • HIRING- How to hire & keep great talent.
    • MANAGEMENT BASICS- The first time manager.
    • MANAGING CHANGE- Things are changing around here.
    • MEETINGS- We’ve got to stop meeting like this.
    • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING- Dealing with difficult people.


    "Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work." -Seth Godin

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    Tangible Benefits

    This on-site training workshop will teach your team how to...

    • Communicate with clarity and confidence
    • Focus more on “the big picture” rather than on detail
    • Deliver a presentation with pizzazz and impact
    • Build confidence in those around them
    • Put their leadership skills to use
    • Handle a changing business and multi-departmental environment
    • How to work with difficult people and different personalities
    • Specific tools for personal productivity
    • How to plan and prioritize for maximum results
    • Strategies for retaining champion employees
    • How to keep your team focused, productive and fulfilled!
    • Apply teamwork strategies for peak performance
    • Motivate and coach for positive change
    • Become the catalyst for change
    • Develop other leaders in your organization
    • Connect with and build an unbreakable trust with your team
    • Management training can inspire greatness from others
    • Develop impeccable integrity

    Who Is First Time Supervisor Training For?

    • Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • C Level Managers
    • Dept. Heads
    • Managers
    • Team-Leaders
    • Decision Makers
    • and anyone else who has influence within your organization
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    Signs You Need Management Training for Your Team

    There are some very distinct signs of bad management that if left alone could undermine your business. Have you noticed any of the following traits among your management team? Check off what applies to see how much your team may be in need of outside management training.

    • Creates fear and/or mistrust among those they manage
    • Unable to make decisions/second-guesses themselves
    • Tries to make all decisions instead of delegating
    • Focuses on the short term
    • Always right
    • Micromanages

    • Self-centered
    • Doesn't appropriately share credit
    • Poor self-awareness & accountability
    • Suck-up to upper management
    • Missing in Action
    • Never praises or encourages

    If you see these traits, you can't afford to wait. Give us a call today at 844-492-6224 to speak to someone about our management training workshop or fill out the form below to request a call. Also ask how you can get first time manager training online for your team!


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    Our Value Proposition

    • Fully customized

      We are a boutique training company and all our training is customized to your specific needs.

    • Partners in Growth

      We aim to be a collaborative & trusted partner in your training initiative, not just a vendor.

    • Focused on behavior change

      Our focus is on providing a behavior changing transformation in your organization.

    • High Retention Rates

      There is a difference between a seminar (canned program without much interaction) and a hands-on customized class. The biggest difference is retention (how much of the training will stick in the long run).

    • Experiential Learning

      Our method is experiential & hands-on: We SHOW, not just TELL.



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