Change Management

  • Change is a constant; Is your team prepared?
  • Are all stakeholders in alignment?
  • Have you heard of Adaptability Quotient (AQ)?
  • Can you manage the speed bumps of change?
  • Is your Culture conducive to a new Direction & Energy?
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Change is a constant; Is your team prepared?

In an increasingly interconnected world, change and disruption are the new normal. Technology has been the catalyst for great accomplishment and even greater change. With the faster pace of work, organizations are forced to make a choice: adapt or get left behind.

From mergers & acquisitions to pivots and other corporate shifts, many of today's businesses are undergoing major transformations to stay competitive, and the effects are felt across the entire organization. Is your organization preparing for change?

Do your leaders know how to prepare for change? Our change management curriculum is designed to train your leaders & team to deal with the many dynamics of organizational change.

Tangible Benefits

  • Have your team know how to prepare for change
  • Understand the dynamics of change
  • Learn how to deal with change
  • Leverage the use of Emotional Intelligence
  • Have a positive and inclusive working environment
  • Get Personalized, Experiential Change Management Training

Sample Training Curriculum

The following is a sample Change Management training curriculum to give you an idea of the big picture. Your Change Management training curriculum would be modified and fine-tuned (where deemed necessary) based on our analysis and discovery during the planning stage. The core concept will remain the same, but the final product would reflect your organization's situation and address specific needs.

  • What Happens? The Cycle:
    • Status Quo
    • Change
    • Resistance
    • Compliance
    • Acceptance
  • Alignment of Corporate Vision with team
  • Transition vs transformation
  • Individual Exercise


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