Communication Skills Training

  • What Makes Communication Effective
  • Learn the Power of Inquiry
  • Build Trust, Relationships, and Influence
  • Manage Differences and Conflicts
  • Create Win-Win Situations
  • Personalized, Experiential Training
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Communication Training for Teamwide Excellence

Do people listen to you when you talk? Are you conveying the right message? Get your organization on the same page with  communication skills training!

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and have seen first-hand what effective communication skills can do for an organization. Come explore the depths of workplace communication  with Encore and how to use it to be an outstanding team member. Learn how to incorporate it into situations you face in the office and build a more positive work environment for everyone. 

Workforce communication training can create a positive atmosphere at all levels of the organization, which will resolve conflicts and construct win-win situations for everyone. With improved relationships among employees, who’ve developed greater self-control and decision making skills, your team will be mentally inspired with communication training for leadership and employees.

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Tangible Benefits

We strive to bring out the best but not everybody will learn everything. Our training will bring some positive changes in the following skills:

  • Create a positive working atmosphere at all levels of the organization
  • Understand how to work & communicate with very different personality types
  • Resolve conflicts with ease & create win-win situations
  • Develop integrity and accountability in your leaders
  • Improve relationships among employees & inspire a team mentality
  • Rid the workplace of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and jealousy
  • Be able to cope with challenges & difficulty
  • Navigate social complexities and develop greater influence in your organization

Sample Training Curriculum

The following is a sample Communication training curriculum to give you an idea of the big picture. Your training curriculum would be modified and fine-tuned (where deemed necessary) based on our analysis and discovery during the planning stage. The core concept will remain the same, but the final product would reflect your organization's situation and address specific needs.

  • What is Communication?
  • Why is it Important?
    • Self-image
    • Improve relationships with others
    • Help success in business
    • Master important life skills
    • High esteem by others
  • Group Activity: Building Rapport Starts with Hello

Our Commitment

We understand that you are embarking upon a major initiative where your main focus is improving your people & your organization. We are also aware of the importance of this initiative.

Our initial proposal is based on our current understanding of your needs, company, and culture. We have yet to determine the specifics. At this point we don’t know what we don’t know.

We will customize it further to reflect the findings of our needs assessment, analysis, talks and discovery.

We are ready to impress upon you that we have the drive and determination to fulfill your objectives for this project and are willing to come to you and make a presentation.

Our Approach

Strong teams are not created overnight. They aren’t formed by policy, procedure, or measuring key performance indicators (KPIs).

High-performing cultures have alignment in values and mission. They build an environment where employees can bring their best to work in order to yield a high performing organization.

Our intention is to have a behavior changing transformation in your organization. We’ve seen organizations transcend their cultures and ignite success time and time again. Our goal is to provide an experience that builds confidence and gives the tools to begin one of the most important journeys in your organization’s history.



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