Trushar Mody

Trushar Mody (known as Mody), is an accomplished business entrepreneur and mentor with over 35 years of experience in the printing, manufacturing, real estate, finance, retail, nonprofit and service industries. He is a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as it applies to business success.

Mody’s approach to professional training and consulting not only facilitates the learning and retention of information, it helps clients increase sales and operational efficiencies, as well as improve relationships and reduce stress.

He has designed, developed and conducted a broad range of transformative quality professional development training programs (both soft and hard skills) in technical and non-technical courses for both in-house and corporate clients. He is well versed in adult learning theory, learning styles, training methodologies and adult motivation techniques.

Mody is also experienced in launching, planning, managing, and executing learning projects and complex business operations resulting in win-win situations He brings strong organizational, analytical, technical, problem-solving and people skills with hands-on approach.

He is also a community leader, rainmaker, and an outside-the-box contrarian thinker.

trushar mody

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