Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • EQ vs IQ
  • Improve Workplace Relationships
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Manage Differences
  • Create Win-Win Situations
  • Personalized, Experiential Training

Is your thinking in sync with your emotions?

Everyone is talking about emotional IQ - but does it really impact your company and if so, how do you build it?

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and have seen first-hand what Emotional IQ can do for a company. Come explore the depths of emotional intelligence with Encore and how to use it most effectively to be an outstanding team member. Learn how to incorporate it into situations you face in the workplace and build a more positive work environment for everyone.

Emotional intelligence can create a positive atmosphere at all levels of the organization, which will resolve conflicts and construct win-win situations for everyone. With improved relationships among employees, who’ve developed greater self-control and decision making skills, your team will be mentality inspired with Emotional Intelligence training.

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Self Awareness

Staying in the present. It’s the ability to perceive our own emotions and remain aware of them in any situation.

Self Management

Syncing our thoughts and feelings. The ability to apply our awareness to be flexible and engage in positive behaviors.


The ability to perceive the emotions of others and understand situations.


Absence of Ego. Understanding the power that attachment can have over us.

Interpersonal Communication

Understanding how people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages

Relationship Building

The ability to apply people skills to manage social interactions.

Possible Training Topics

  • What is emotional intelligence & why is it important?
  • Understanding of yourself
  • Understanding of others
  • Identify how to effectively use emotional intelligence
  • Learn fundamental principles of emotional intelligence
  • Consider the importance of understanding different personality types
  • Identify the current uses and forms of emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Incorporate the essentials of emotional intelligence into your daily activities
  • Explore where emotions come into play
  • Understand how to control your emotions to be more effective

Tangible Benefits

We strive to bring out the best but not everybody will learn everything. Our training will bring some positive changes in the following skills:

  • Create a positive working atmosphere at all levels of the organization
  • Understand how to work & communicate with very different personality types
  • Resolve conflicts with ease & create win-win situations
  • Develop integrity and accountability in your leaders
  • Improve relationships among employees & inspire a team mentality
  • Develop greater self-control & decision making skills
  • Rid the workplace of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and jealousy
  • Inspire the positive emotions of love, happiness, joy, and peace
  • Learn how to manage your behavior by managing your emotions
  • Be able to cope with challenges & difficulty
  • Navigate social complexities and develop greater influence in your organization

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