• For new & experienced sales persons
  • Give your team the foundation to produce extraordinary sales results
  • Practical sales skills & strategies
  • Fully customized to your business
  • Experiential learning – We show, not just tell

Building a High Performance Sales Team

A systematic sales training approach will give your organization the foundation for producing extraordinary sales results.

Our systematic sales training programs offer practical, “hands-on” skills and strategies that will equip your team for maximum sales productivity.


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  • The Planner

    • The 1:1 Relationship Between Thoughts and Performance
    • Seeing the Big Picture: Strategic and Tactical Planning
    • Understanding Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
    • Setting the Right Mindset for High-Performance
    • Understanding Why People Really Buy
    • Getting into Your Customer’s Head
    • Selling from Your Buyer’s Perspective

  • The Prospector

    • The Introductory Phone Call
    • Developing Your Value/Impact Statement
    • Overcoming Obstacles to Setting an Appointment

  • The Partner

    • Making a Powerful, Memorable First Impression
    • Building a Strong Trust-Bond with Customers
    • First Appointment Essentials
    • Designing a Purpose-Driven Delivery
    • The Rule on Small Talk

  • The Politician

    • Understanding the Buying Criteria
    • Identifying the Various Decision-Makers and Influencers
    • Assessing the Political Subtleties and Infrastructure
    • Pre-Qualifying Prospective Customers

  • The Psychologist

    • Asking High-Yield, Open-Ended Questions
    • Questions to Discover Your Buyer’s Wants and Needs
    • Primary Objective: Solve Problems/Improve Conditions
    • Discovering Functional Wants and Needs (aka: pain areas)
    • Applying the Socratic Method of Discovery
    • Identifying the CSI – Concern, Situation, Impact

  • The Pharmacist

    • Quantifying the Impact, Value, and Benefits
    • Prescribing a Value-Driven, Customer-Focused Solution
    • Presentation Essentials
    • Knowing and Demonstrating Your Value-Differentiators
    • The Art and Science of Positioning Your Value Proposition
    • The Seven Essential Steps to a Powerful Demonstration
    • Leveraging Third-Party References for Greater Impact
    • Getting the Buy-In Along the Way
    • Three Ways to Get Your Buyer Involved in the Presentation

  • The Pastor

    • Three Reasons Buyers Pose Objections
    • Isolating and Clarifying Objections
    • Using the Five-Step Method for Overcoming Any Objection
    • Easing Your Buyer’s Fears

  • The Pilot

    • The Power of Follow-Through and Follow-Up
    • Assuring Client Satisfaction
    • Seven Ways to Delight Your Client
    • Leveraging Referrals

  • The Planter

    • Five Pre-Requisites to Closing
    • Employing the Powerful “Trial Close”
    • Using a Transition Question to Move to the Close
    • Why Asking for the Order May Never be Necessary If…?
    • The Only Closing Technique You’ll Ever Need


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