The Four Main Sales Personality Types: Where Do You Belong?

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For those looking to get started in sales there is no one true sales approach. Check out business strategist Trushar Mody’s communication styles (being passive, aggressive or assertive), which are show different examples of how you can market your product. Your selling style affects how you connect with your customers, and the kind of approach you are going utilize will influence their actions. Knowing which approach you will follow can also help prevent future marketer-product mismatches, as some personalities can better handle certain products.

Here are four sales personality types to help you discover which type of sales representative you are.


Wizards are the experts of the industry, and the highest-level sellers in the company. They are motivated by management opportunities, sophistication of the products and the prestige that comes with being a part of a well-known company. Wizards take a consultative approach to sales and do more than just sell the product’s value. Medium suggests that those who follow the consultative approach are likely to add elements like industry insights. Their biggest assets are their systematized and organized approach, demonstrating their competence.


Closers are confident people who are not afraid of rejection. They prefer approaches that involve building emotion and a sense of urgency. Their main motivators include income potential, high-end clients and the chance to flaunt their abilities in front of management. Closers prefer the action approach – they are confident in their ability to influence decisions and make creative purchases.


Builders work best when they have complete control of the territory, and are fully supported by colleagues in customer service and sales. They live for freedom and independence compared to the other types, and hate being micromanaged. Builders put a lot of value in customer loyalty and prefer the relationship approach. Chron states that this approach is about creating long-term relationships as it focuses more on the customers’ needs and less on the product. They show genuine persistence and customer knowledge.


Expeditors love people, but most importantly they love speed. They are responsive, service-oriented and motivated by frequent interactions with people and the opportunity to match products with hobbies and interests. Expeditors are very convincing; demonstrating their expertise through a deep knowledge of the product and boundless amounts of energy. They take pride in their ability to build rapport with customers by making buying decisions that are aligned with their needs. These people can make customers believe they need the product.

In today’s high-paced sales world, companies are always looking for marketing professionals who can create, manage and analyze marketing plans; as well as blend strategies with advanced technology. Maryville University notes how marketing-related abilities have ranked among LinkedIn’s top 10 in-demand skills for three years running. To be a successful marketer you need a wide range of skills. The Balance Careers claims good marketing skills – including communication, analytical thinking, negotiation, technology and creativity – will give you the best chance of pursuing a successful career in the industry.

Marketing is a constantly evolving. Trends, tactics, and customer behavior change quickly, and you have to keep up if you want to stay ahead of the curve. The most successful sales people are the ones looking for ways to expand their knowledge, improve their skills, and stay up to date with any developments. So don’t stop learning, because you can never get enough sales experience.

Article written by Nicole Peters
Exclusively for Encore Consulting Group.

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