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Negotiating the Sale

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For years, win-win has been the paradigm for business negotiation – the “fair” way to negotiate. Don’t believe it for a second! Today, win-win is just the seductive mantra used by the toughest negotiators to get you to compromise unnecessarily, early, and often.

Now in this powerful training presentation, your sales team will learn the essential skills to negotiate more profitable business.

This customized, interactive negotiation training will equip your team with the tools they’ll need to close more business and eliminate discounting altogether..

Optimal Program Length: 4 hours

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The Art & Science of Winning Sales Negotiations

Topical Agenda:

  1. Practical Negotiating Gambits
  2. Why Win/Win Negotiators Lose More Often
  3. The Role Money Plays in Negotiating
  4. Getting Into Your Buyer’s Head with Negotiation Training
  5. The Pre-Requisites to Closing
  6. Getting in Sync With Your Customer’s Timetable
  7. How to Read Your Customer’s Mail
  8. Take Your Customer’s Temperature Using the “Trial Close”
  9. The Commitment Stage (AKA The Tie-Up Step or The Close)
  10. Putting it All Together: Negotiating the Close
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Real & Tangible Benefits:

  • Recognize When They Actually Have the Sale
  • Identify the Primary Buying Criteria and Buying Process
  • Get in Sync With Your Customer’s Timetable
  • Close When the Customer is Ready and Not Before
  • Identify the Most Common Buying Signals
  • Learn about basic personality types
  • Take Their Customer’s Temperature Using the “Trial Close”
  • Secure a Commitment and Close the Sale
  • Employ the Most Highly Effective Closing Techniques
  • Invite Their Customer to Buy More
  • Apply Practical Negotiating Gambits
  • Avoid Win/Win Negotiating
  • Trade Off Value, Not Dollars
  • Avoid Splitting the Difference
  • Focus on the Things More Important Than Money
  • Find Out How Much a Buyer Will Pay
  • Identifying Budget Issues Early
  • Adequately Prepare for Price Negotiations
  • Develop a Written Strategic and Tactical Plan with Negotiation Training

Who Is This Negotiation Training For?

  • Sales professionals and sales teams
  • Sales managers
  • Customer Service Representatives with a sales function
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