Avoid Making These Top 4 Sales Mistakes AT ALL COSTS

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Remain cheerful, For nothing destructive can pierce through The solid wall of cheerfulness.

– Sri Chinmoy

Talking too much.
Engagement isn’t endless talking, but listening and interaction. You’re never going to land the great sales if you ramble on and on and never let them get a word in. Remember! Your job is to figure out their puzzle but to do that you need them to tell you the pieces.

Believing that you can sell anybody anything.
Do not waste your efforts on the wrong audiences. Good salespeople know when to, how to, and who to target. You can either waste a heavy percentage of your time trying to ‘force’ sell to your clients, or you can get a real understanding of who your products cater to, and then prospect them as quantifiable leads. Value wins over sales pitch; don’t get stuck in the marketing myopia pit!

Over-educating the prospect when you should be selling.
Educating is a step in the selling process, but not all of it. Tell them what they need to know about the product, but keep your focus on how it will provide value.

Being your own worst enemy.
You are potentially your own #1 enemy. There are so many ways to self-sabotage, from improper body language & posture, to what you choose to say (and not say). The best way to not ruin your own efforts is really just a lot of planning. You need to know what you want to say, how you should approach presenting yourself to others, and who you are talking to. The #1 mistake new salespeople make is not doing proper prior research of their clients. They will not all be the same. That goes for both their needs and the solutions.

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