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Ways to Overcome the Top 3 Fears in the Workplace

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1. Fear of looking stupid or being wrong If you’re afraid that you are going to get something wrong or otherwise make yourself look stupid, a major key to overcoming this obstacle is knowledge. Don’t just set out to learn everything you can, either. Find out what resources the powerheads in your company are getting their news and industry updates. …

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Different Ways to Give Employee Recognition

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Why is Recognition Important? Recognition is the life-blood to a company who values long-term commitment from their employees. Human beings are not just mindless, needless androids. If you want them to stay and to be sincerely involved, then you need to invest some effort into creating a recognition system. Here are a few of the two most common types of …

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What Good Leaders Do

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Are leaders born or made? If they are made, can anyone become a good leader? If you want to become an effective leader, or if you are in a leadership role and want to heighten your team’s productivity, what can you do? How can you become the kind of leader that people look up to, turn to, go the extra …

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Their Loyalty is Your Business Growth, and it’s Not Who You Think…

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Why is Employee Loyalty Important? There is this trickle-down effect that we encounter in business. When the employee is well provided for, appreciated, challenged, and loyal to your company and its mission, their satisfaction trickles down to the kind of customer service you want your customers to receive. You’ll see these areas affected most: Excellent Customer Satisfaction- Remember the trickle-down …

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Employees Want to Achieve Their Own Best Potential

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And they want it just as much as their managers want their best performance. It can be easy to forget sometimes that employees and their managers ultimately want the same thing. An employee will want to find a company where they can discover and actively participate in the best versions of themselves. They want to feel like they are accomplishing …

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How Imagination is Your Best Business Skill

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The Rise of the Robots With more and more of our lives becoming automated, creativity has never been such an important skill. A machine can perform tasks, work through complicated calculations, but when it comes to original creativity the robots still need guidance. So in the age of robots, creative thinkers are going to be a greater commodity to business …

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Making Conflict Work for You

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Conflict is inevitable. We may be afraid of it and handle it poorly, allowing problems to fester and grow. We may use it to control and manipulate others. Or we may accept that conflict is necessary for things to improve or change. It’s how we respond to conflict that determines whether we see it as a means to encourage innovation …

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Behind the Scenes: How to Recognize a Training Company Worth Your Time

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Alright, so you have an idea of what you are looking for in the program, but what else should you keep an eye out for? What are some other, less obvious signs of a good (or bad) training company? Website and social media: how professional and how engaged are they in their industry? How professional is their website? Is it …