Different Ways to Give Employee Recognition

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Why is Recognition Important?
Recognition is the life-blood to a company who values long-term commitment from their employees. Human beings are not just mindless, needless androids. If you want them to stay and to be sincerely involved, then you need to invest some effort into creating a recognition system. Here are a few of the two most common types of recognition used in the business work setting:

Recognition that comes from management or other ‘top’ positions. These can include a variety of strategies like Years of Service awards, Employee Appreciation days, and even a number of bonus types.

While managers may engage with peer-to-peer style recognition methods, for the most part, this kind of reward system relies on the input of everyone. These kinds of recognition models allow peers to also give their praises or feedback to their fellow team members. These can include Gold Star programs, Verbal Praise, and even micro bonuses which encourage in the moment recognition.



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