The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Sales

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Even while they teach, men learn

– Seneca the Younger

You’d Be Surprised What Bad Advice People Give
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to sales? What is the worst? What if you were to find out that some of the most common ‘best’ advice could actually be some of the worst in the selling game? Sales has evolved as much throughout the years as other industries. Therefore, some of the advice we end up being given is outdated. Here is the most common bad advice you may hear, and a few of them really might surprise you:

“You can trust that the problem the prospect communicates to you is the real problem.”
While a client may know what they want, is it really what they need? You need to look at the whole picture in a way that they may not be seeing. In reality, they know their pain spot, but not necessarily what is causing it.

“Your sales ‘presentation’ will seal the deal. The better it is, the more likely you are to land the sale.”
Selling is a lot more than just a presentation, it’s a process. If you ignore that process you will land flat. There are also follow-ups, conversations, formal proposals, and even sometimes negotiations.

“Working as an ‘unpaid consultant’ can help you close a deal. Letting them see what you can do will motivate them to hire you.”
Um, no. Frankly, this is a setup for disaster. Working for free diminishes your value, with this client, yourself, and the next clients. Know your worth. You can offer a free consultation or conversation, but don’t hit the books (or forms, or research, or presenting) without nailing down the contract and its terms first.

“Keeping your fingers crossed that a prospect doesn’t notice a problem.”
Start by not having a problem. When one does occur, own up to the mistake and offer a fix rather than trying to hide it under the rug. Your prospects will notice. You will be surprised how receiving a client will be when you offer to fix something you noticed.

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