Their Loyalty is Your Business Growth, and it’s Not Who You Think…

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You can handle people more successfully by enlisting their feelings than by convincing their reason.

– Paul L. Parker

Why is Employee Loyalty Important?

There is this trickle-down effect that we encounter in business. When the employee is well provided for, appreciated, challenged, and loyal to your company and its mission, their satisfaction trickles down to the kind of customer service you want your customers to receive. This emotional bond that the employee feels has many positive effects that you will see begin to improve your business. Lets take a look at the areas this strong emotional bond affect most:

Excellent Customer Satisfaction- Remember the trickle-down effect! The loyal employee creates the best customer experience.

Increasing Profits- Employees who are engaged with their roles in the company are usually more prepared to cater to your customers’ needs. Add in general customer satisfaction, and you will see an increase in profits which can also result in higher customer loyalty.

Positive Environment- A company’s culture is critical for employee growth, empowerment, emotional state, and loyalty. There are ways to stimulate healthy relationships within your organization that will not only create that positive culture, but trickle back down to the customer in the form of stronger teams and communication channels.

Passionate Productivity- When your employees are passionate not only about what they do, but the results, you will see that their productivity will flow with that passion. Loyal employees push harder through challenges because they see themselves as both invested in the results and in the business’ success.

Minimal Turnover- Employees who are engaged, passionate, and loyal have less desire or reason to leave. Not only does this save you significantly on replacement costs, but it also builds a long term employee structure built upon experience and your customers’ needs.

Some of the most notable companies of our day have realized that employee loyalty is a critical factor for both customer satisfaction and business growth. A few include Amazon, Google, Disney, Apple, & AutoZone. How can your company benefit from long-term employee loyalty?

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