Ways to Overcome the Top 3 Fears in the Workplace

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Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Roy T. Bennett


Roughly 15% to 20% of our emotions are positive.
90% to 95% of our mind is controlled by the emotional subconscious mind with fear being a major factor. Lets explore how this emotional response can be improved upon in the workplace.

1. Fear of looking stupid or being wrong
If you’re afraid that you are going to get something wrong or otherwise make yourself look stupid, a major key to overcoming this obstacle is knowledge. Don’t just set out to learn everything you can, either. Find out what resources the powerheads in your company are getting their news and industry updates. Insert yourself into those channels or conversations to build your own comfort zone in these areas.

2. Fear of being yelled at
Good leaders don’t yell in the first place, but if you are afraid of being yelled at by authority, don’t allow your body or voice to go into submission mode. Just keep your head up, keep breathing, and look straight ahead at them. Remain constructive on the matter, but also be clear with them if you find their yelling at you inappropriate.

3. Fear of stepping on toes
You can help yourself with the fear of stepping on others’ toes with clear communication. Ask before you try to do something or otherwise offer first. Take their feedback and move on. If they say ‘no’ go find something else you can do. If they say ‘yes’ then also accept that answer and jump in. It is a lot more okay to ask than we think, so don’t let yourself assume the worst right off.

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Trushar Mody is BUSINESS STRATEGIST, SOFT SKILLS TRAINER, OUTSIDE-THE-BOX THINKER AND THOUGHT PROVOKER. He is a Warehouse of knowledge and wants to share it. His passion lies in teaching  Wholestic Learning and Emotional Intelligence.

Trushar Mody is a role model who has extended himself to help others along their own journeys. He works from his passion of helping people live their lives with purpose and without fear. He is a managing partner and senior trainer at Encore Consulting Group.

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