What Is The Best Way To Learn?

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Don’t worry about doing things perfectly. If you do, you’ll never get things done.

– Voltaire

What Is The Best Way To Learn?

Traditionally there is a notion that learning improves when the complexity of your involvement increases. The following pyramid illustrates this in a very unscientific and generic way:

However perceptual learning of Soft skills is best achieved in blended learning with a factor of time. First onsite face to face training with a good knowledge base and role-playing. Then experiential learning with real-time tools, followed by e-learning in an iterative way. Finally, have a razor-sharp one-on-one coaching if necessary.

This tactic involves spreading out your study sessions, rather than engaging in one marathon.

A paper published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest evaluated ten techniques for improving learning, ranging from mnemonics to highlighting, and came to some surprising conclusions.

It is therefore important to have a customized blended approach to training.

Secondly, for soft skills training to work, the entire framework has to be there, including the support of management. Learners must feel like there is organizational support for what they’re doing… and have the right tools and resources.

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