Are You A Customer Advocate?

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Customer advocacy goes above and beyond mere “service”. Customer advocacy is a cultural focus on doing what is deemed best for the customer, not just the company. Customer advocacy employs policies that encompass all aspects of customer contact, including products, services, sales, complaints, and marketing. Customer advocates go above & beyond, serving the customer first and foremost. Customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately profitability follow naturally.

Qualities of a Customer Advocate:

  • You are providing a service to customers who need your assistance.
  • You are an advocate for the customer.
  • You must help him or her understand the process and provide them with the best information so they can make informed decisions. 
  • Your wealth of knowledge should be at the customer’s disposal. 

You can use your experience and knowledge to make this experience a successful one for the customer.

CS Representative Advocate
Represents the Organization Represents the Customer
Follows rules and policies Goes beyond – Expands vision
Take ownership Ownership + Goodwill = Value
Does the job Assists with info not known
Push information Pull with empathy and care
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