Mody’s 10 Commandments of Life

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Life! So beautiful yet complicated.

Everyone around us, including ourselves want to live the “good” life. The definition of good though varies. Some want it big! They want to be UBER successful with a mansion, a private jet and money. Lots of it. While some want a house in the suburbs, few friends and maybe a dog.

But one thing remains constant in both cases: We all want HAPPINESS.

So how can we live a happy life?

The answer is not that simple. We need to take action and be in charge of our lives. Of course, there will be circumstances when we fail or when things will not go as planned. But we have to stand stronger and never forget our worth. We need to remember our true potential and what we are capable of achieving, our power of self-actualization.

Conscious action can help us achieve the goals we set. But people generally don’t realize the importance of their choices and decisions. Let me tell you a story to help put across the meaning in a better manner:

There was a carpenter who enjoyed his work and was quite good at it. After working for so many years, he was ready for retirement. He wanted to spend time with his family and live a more relaxed life. The paychecks, of course would discontinue but he was confident he had enough to get by.

He went to his boss and told him about his future plans. The boss was sorry to see one of his best men retire but he asked the carpenter to build one last house before leaving, his last project. The carpenter agreed but it was evident over time how his heart wasn’t in it. Mind you, he was great at his work but for his last project his workmanship was shabby and even the materials he employed were of inferior quality.

When the carpenter had finally built the house, his boss came in for inspection. After seeing the house, he just smiled sadly at the carpenter, handed him a key and said, “This is my gift to you. This is your house.”
You can only imagine the shock, the regret the carpenter felt. If only he had known that it was his future house that he was building, he would have done it all differently.

Isn’t it exactly the same in our case? We build our life every single day that we live but, we don’t put in our best efforts. And when the time comes to live in our “house”, we are left wondering if only we could have done it all differently. But every choice we make is like a nail being hammered down making it impossible to go back. Therefore, the building process becomes very important.

So, what can we do to make our journey in life better and meaningful?

Mody’s (Mr Modyvational) Ten Commandments

There are no set of rules which one can follow in order to live wisely but we do have a list which when inculcated in your life will surely leave a positive and fruitful impact. Let’s get started!

Commandment #1: I will practice breathing every day

Do you breathe faster when you are angry and slowly when you are calm and composed? There is a science behind breathing and staying healthy.

We have often heard about the benefits of deep breathing and it works! The calm and tranquility that will come over you will help you gain a clearer perspective in any situation, good or bad. This will also help you get rid of negative emotions making you more confident in your decision- making abilities.

Commandment #2: I will be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Think whom would you rather be with? A person who brings problems to you or a person who helps you solve your problem?

In today’s world, we need to be a team player. More often than not, we have to work with other people and in order to finish any task successfully, team spirit becomes very important. An empathetic approach adopted by you can help nurture the spirit, leading to a healthy atmosphere and outstanding results.

Commandment #3: I will get a mentor (Guru).

We all need a “Board of Advisors” who can think outside the box for us and help us with our unconscious Bias.

Correct guidance and advice can work wonders in the overall development of the mind. There is nothing wrong with getting help from somebody with more experience and expertise. We have always heard of the “outside the box” approach, to do things differently and to see things from a new perspective.

Commandment #4: I will get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

When we go into deep sleep our body goes into a recharge mode to replenish the resources we have discharged during the day.

Scientists have said that eight hours is necessary for a healthy and active brain. Now that’s one- third of your day! Surely the significance of sleep can be put into perspective. Sufficient sleep helps rejuvenate and refresh your brain and makes your body ready to face the next day, head on.

Improvement of memory, lower stress levels, more alertness and so on are some of the few added benefits which proper sleep can result in. Remember nobody likes Mr. Grouchy Pants!

Commandment #5: I will not compare myself with others and judge anybody.

You should be your own competition, always. Each person has their own unique thinking capacity and manner of doing things. Comparing yourself with your colleague will only make you insecure.

Getting inspired by someone to improve oneself is healthy but jealousy and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will only lead to negativity and self- doubt.

Commandment #6: I will refrain from criticizing others.

In a team, there are possibilities when someone can mess up. You can feel annoyed, angry and criticize your colleagues which in all honesty, will only lead to resentment as their morale will be deeply affected.

A more empathetic approach can help you gain their trust and actually make them understand your point of view.

Commandment #7: Pull vs Push – I will ask questions rather than pushing instructions.

As mentioned before, every individual has a unique understanding of situations. A collaborative approach can help you identify their point of view and lock in better results. It is not mandatory for you to always be correct. Asking questions can help you identify the shortcomings in your own approach and thus, enable you to make the necessary changes for better solutions. It creates an inclusive environment.

Commandment #8: I will limit my time on Social Media.

Social Media is a boon and curse wrapped in a very attractive packaging. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but the importance of efficient time management becomes even greater here.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can help in refreshing your mind but they should not distract you from your goals. You need to know how many hours is healthy and never compromise your daily goals for few hours of useless scrolling.

Follow Socrates triple filter test. I will only bring information in my mind that is useful, truthful and good.

Commandment #9: I will use collective pronouns.

Basically here, “I” will become “We”, “Me” will become “Us”, etc. You need to work as a team.

You have to work to keep aside your ego and work together, recognizing every member’s skill sets. The only motive should be to reach the set goals. Another advantage? This will help you become an influencer and leader.

An inclusive and humble approach builds bridges improves relationships.

Commandment #10: I will practice delayed gratification.

It’s human nature to want instant results. Delayed gratification means going against that very trait. Sometimes you will need to let go of tempting opportunities to make way for better outcomes. Long-sightedness plays a key role here. In the end, remember good things take time.

Studies have shown that the longer the gap (in terms of time) between the stimulus and action, the better is the outcome.

Take action for a better tomorrow — The Modyvational Way!

The above commandments although simple, require time and effort to be incorporated in your daily lifestyle. Clarity of thought and the determination to become a better team player can make the task easier.    

A Warehouse Of Knowledge to Share: Trushar Mody is an accomplished business entrepreneur and mentor with over 35 years of experience in the printing, manufacturing, real estate, finance, retail, nonprofit and service industries. He is a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as it applies to business success.

He represents the firm, Encore Consulting Group ( which specializes in soft skills training, coaching and business consulting.

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