Employees Want to Achieve Their Own Best Potential

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An amateur does it until they get it right. A professional does it until they cannot get it wrong.

– Unknown

And they want it just as much as their managers want their best performance.

It can be easy to forget sometimes that employees and their managers ultimately want the same thing. An employee will want to find a company where they can discover and actively participate in the best versions of themselves. They want to feel like they are accomplishing something, that their work contributes, and that they have the opportunity to experience their own potential. A fully engaged and invested employee means management gets their best performance towards obtaining the company’s goals as well. Along with pursuing their potential, here are a few other areas that create a thriving environment for employees:

Skill Development & Training- When the employee is confident in their skills, both soft and hard, they will thrive in their environment. Trained employees need less direct supervision and generally, make fewer mistakes.
Feel Valued and Respected- Your employees’ time is valuable. While they need the paycheck, they are likely at your company because they see potential for themselves there too. It is important as a boss to foster this emotional bond. For more information on this here are two other articles on the subject.

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Advancement/Professional Growth- When hiring professionals they likely come to the table with their own goals. They are there to ascend their own career ladder. This means that without advancement and options for professional growth, they won’t be sticking around long.
Skill Development- Your employees understand that skills are important. A lot of employees want to work someplace that offers skills development programs as well as additional training.

How much growth does your company offer to your employees? Whether they are high-level managers or customer service agents, all roles have room for growth and advancement. Sometimes you have to think outside of your current box to see what else you can try to create an environment and company culture that supports employee growth.

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